Project: Please paint me!

In 2012, the Trustees of the Lilburn Residence Trust determined that the exterior of Douglas Lilburn's former home in Thorndon was in dire need of a new paint job.

And it was no ordinary paint job: because of its original creosote coating and heritage status, it was a more delicate operation than usual. Thanks to your generosity we raised enough money through an Arts Foundation of New Zealand Boosted campaign, and from general donations to paint the house and also repair and paint the roof. The work was completed just before Christmas 2013.

A house of its time

The Lilburn Residence is a modernist ‘magpie’ house, which meant the painting needed some expert attention to ensure the original creosote walls and white window frames were restored to their original vivid condition. The trustees had a special responsibility, not only because the house offers a home each year to one of our leading composers, but because it is also a Category 1 Historic Places Trust property noted for its cultural and architectural importance.

Future maintenance

The Trust welcomes assistance with the maintenance of the house. Find out how you can support us.